bench seat

We purchased a 3 person bench seat from another van builder who was converting a 15 passenger Ford Transit.

When we got our new cargo van the first project was to install seats for the boys! I knew we would need the seats right away to begin using our new van! After watching a variety of videos and reading a few blogs, I settled on this plan used by the “Restoration Couple” – see video below:

First, I set the seats in their tracks and moved them around a bit to determine the best location. We chose to place them towards the middle so they will go right in front of our beds. The main benefit of this choice is it leaves a larger space behind the front seats for storage and a future kitchen unit.


I measured the space behind the seat to make sure I could fit the beds laying front to back. So I needed at least 6 ft of space behind the bench seat.

Used a white sharpie to mark the van floor before drilling my first pilot hole.

Drilling pilot holes.

The seat came a little closer to the wall than I would have liked but with the floor ridges I didn’t have another option for seat placement.

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