We chose tongue and groove pine for the ceiling. This 5/8 pine is thicker than expected but it turned out great!

Before cutting the boards I sanded and sealed them with a Polyacrylic clear coat on top and bottom.

Used 1×3 pine for the firing strips and ceiling supports so we could attach it with screws.

We thought about using the original white box but we didn’t like the fit and finish when it was set up next to the aluminum L-track.

Decided to finish out the fan box with 1/4 pine and we are happy with the result.

Measuring and deciding how to finish off the fan box.

Almost finished! Just need to install the front section that slants downward towards the cab.

Used my dad’s table saw and his carpentry skills to make a nice ceiling installation. This project took us two days. One day for the main section and one day for the slanting section at the front.

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