Maxxfan Deluxe 7500K with Electric Lid Opening

Purchased the fan, insulated vent cover, and vent adapter from DIYvan.

I’m so glad we got the adapter made by DIY van because it made the install and fitment so much easier. This adapter makes a perfect seal for the fan with the roof ridges on the Ford Transit. I was able to secure the adapter to the roof with Sicaflex 291 and then I used Dicor grey lap sealant to finish off the top and cover over the screws.

Start by drilling four corner holes from the inside of the van to the outside. This provides the most accurate way to draw your lines on top of the van before making the cuts with the jigsaw.

Cutting the 14″ x 14″ hole in the roof. Since I already cut out two windows on the van I was more confident with my hole cutting on a new van. I learned that using a grinder to start the hole is the easiest and then I used my cordless Milwaukee jigsaw to cut out the rest of the square.

Success! The roof fan is ready to go in.

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