swivel seat – passenger

Passenger side Scopema swivel seat purchased from Agile Off Road.

Step 1: move the seat all the way forward and then loosen the bolts in the back. Do the same for the front the bolts after you side the sit all the way backwards.

I modified the plastic skirt on the seat so I could swing it around without needing to raise the seat each time before spinning it.

Before I trimmed the plastic I drew lines and then I removed the piece so I could cut easier with my Dremel cut off wheel.

You will need to unplug the electrical harness before pulling the seat all the way off the base.

Here is a closeup of the harness that needs to be unplugged.

I also needed to cut part of the skirt stabilizer off so the seat would spin without having to raise it up first.

Finally, you can pick up the seat and set it off to the side while you install the Scopema swivel unit.

And, there is a small “U” shaped bracket not he back of the seat that is used for child seats and I cut that one off too so I could spin the seat faster.

Installing the swivel was easy at this point. Just set it on the base, line up the screws and tighten them up. Be sure the flat head screws are connected to the base.

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